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in agriculture, the wine sector requires many skills. You must respond to all the demands of this difficult job. It is necessary to delegate to be able to concentration on the authenticity and quality  of your wines.We manage the technical part of your vineyard, equipment, stocks quality, specific interventions, treatments, dates of harvest. We deal with the grapes from the winery receipt to your wine bottles. We establish for you a calendar with alerts to help you manage your precious time. We regularly check the evolution of your wines, we test, we interpret their analysis and we prepare packaging. We seek the best opportunities for the purchase of supplies and wine sales in confidential circuits.

Do not forget that in the life of a winemaker the number of vinifications is not important enough to afford a failure on top of the economic risks and the climate.

We can respond quickly to help you solve an unexpected problem or a difficult situation.

In order not to doubt your ability at to succeed, it is important to seek the kelp of a professional to reinforce or supplement a decision. Test our experience and efficiency!

Experiences abroad:
study participation and realization of projects in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Tunisia, Cyprus, Georgia, and Crete….

Our services
analyses & Interpretations: Wine – Land – Water
Plantation of Vine
Quality control
Specific Building
Evaluation (purchase, succession, sale, transfer,   disagreement…)

Audits (Reorganizations, project, difficulties…)



All these actions accompany and guarantee a good overall management structure of the wine activity. Do not hesitate to test us, we will help you to achieve the best results.

The vineyard is an unusual enterprise


In the following circumstances:

–  Purchase
–  Retirement
–  Regaining control
–  Legacy
–  Loss
–  Death


Do not make hasty decisions; consult an expert to advise you. We are never biased and we can negotiate on your behalf with suppliers. Read our promises of quality in the news section.


We can help you manage:

– The neighborhood
– Your farmer
– Banks
– Administrations
– Insurances


Our expert services and audit will give you a clear idea of the value of your property.

Our team will assist you, guide you, inform you and train you on:

– The farming culture in general
– Viticulture
– Winemaking
– Material
– Services

– Wine testing
– The quality and traceability of your wines

Rosé wine

Unlike other colors, the Rosé requires different techniques depending on area, the grape variety used, the appellation, the winemaker, the equipment at disposal, and consumer taste.

Different methods:

  • Rosé de “saignée”: most common, it allows the same operation to concentrate the red wine which he is deprived.
  • Rosé of assembly: red+ white (Champagne rosé), usually once finished wine.
  • Rosé pressed: the most technical, tannins and anthocyanin remaining in the marc are sacrificed.


Rosé of cepage : each producer uses his recipe which will not fixed with the tastes  of its customers. To keep the typicity of the grape it must act quickly to bleed the red grape must before they take too much color and before the aromas of fruits are corrupted by oxidation. The principle and the process of whites juice, its fragility is caused by lack of the tannins and fat essential.
Rosé of color: each region have his color palette, this can go from very pale orange to pink and dark red-purple. All methods can be used, but it is difficult to reproduce each year the same effect on the final color. This is not really criticism! They can have a great taste.
Rose upscale: it is differentiated by its cost of production and therefore also its price. it is often considered by winemaker like the lead product in its economy and gives him special care. The grapes are pressed gently to retain a quantity of tannins and natural fats necessary for its conservation.

The harvest moment, the adjustment of winepress, the fermentation choice aided by selection of yeasts adapted to the quality, and the bottling, are important actions for satisfy many amateurs. This category of wine is more and more popular; it is often replacing one strong aperitif.

However the producers deliberately limit its production, because its conservation is random.

We could also say that rosé is a free electron in the serious world of the appellation wines.


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